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I always sharpen my pencils with an x-acto knife, never a pencil sharpener, and I rarely have any core breakage. It also gives me a much sharper point for fine lines.

Submitted by DebKarash  

Skin Toned Paper

I found this tip on Pinterest, and I'm not calling it my own. If you're drawing human characters, sometimes you can use skin toned paper as a paper instead of white paper. This makes colouring skin a bit easier and the colours really pop.

Submitted by SmartRedGirl  


Sometimes it's hard to get a good highlight over the top of what is already there and it's not always possible to get the pop you want with a white pencil, get a cheap $1 white gel pen, it glides on so well over the softcore pencils (I haven't used others yet so can't comment sorry) and really does give you that amazing highlight.

Submitted by amberdesigns  

Pop Pop Pop!

Prismacolor soft pencils look amazing on white paper but if you can get hold of some brown paper 100% take the opportunity as they just come out that little bit brighter and bolder, I was amazed when using them!

Submitted by amberdesigns  

How do I become a better artist???

I'm just starting and I'm not very good at all. I do very good at drawing images from "Fun2Draw" they are easy, fun, and so cute. Can someone help please?

Submitted by Coolio  


what I do for sketching, I do little strokes on the paper and go slowly for the coloring when I'm done with everything.

Submitted by FemaleSans87