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Comments from Other Artists


Thanks for your comments on my train... not sure how many hours I have into this guy. I probably had this one around for about two weeks. Some days I might only work for an hour or two and other days I may spend four or five hours or longer. I think if I kept track of actual hours I might never do this again!

Sounds intriguing, nph! Looking forward to your next steps.

That's very kind of you to say, nph. As I scan through your collection of bikes, I notice that, apart from the Green Machine, you decided to not put your bikes in a context (ie. shadow on a road, background, etc.). I was curious as to your thinking about this. I'm guessing you just want to focus on the bike?

Looking forward to the mustangs - nostalgia factor for me (especially the '60's editions)!

Thank you sir! Most appreciated ;-)

Thank you, sir, for your kind words re my Sammy Davis piece. Much appreciated!

Thank you, nph68 ;-) Your comment is most appreciated in that you recognize what I was trying to convey ;-)

Thank you for your kind words on my Franklin!

Thanks. This one was a lot of fun to do.

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