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Comments from Other Artists


Thanks for your comments. (Thatcher Perkins 147) Black is a funny color. When you use it on it's own it tends to stop in it's tracks, you know, no depth. So I always try to put something in it and hope it still turns out as dark as I'm trying to go... thanks again!

Thanks for the encouragement my friend! :)

Ain't it cool that pesky old flies look sharp from time to time...

Patients is a huge factor when I'm doing most vegetation... not one of my favorite motifs so I have to take care as to not have to do it over... thanks!

Thank you for your comments on my last piece (Down Time). I found your kind words both flattering and inspirational. Thanks again!

Thanks from heart about your opinion for my sketch idea. You helped me a lot and I am so grateful for your support! Looking forward the finished painting!

Ah thank you! One more thought, if you are using a 2B or softer pencil for sketching, you could try using a HB or harder to reduce smudges.

Thanks for your kind comments. For portraits I tend to use Winsor and Newton Bristol Board which is 115lbs but very smooth. I use lots of layers and it takes them quite well, but if the tooth runs out I add a layer of workable fixative and then just add some more! Pencil marks erase quite well too and I use a Staedtler mars plastic eraser for that. I sometimes use a mineral spirit wash on the early layers to blend them and a final burnish, usually with white will hide a lot of pencil marks!

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