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Comments from Other Artists


You have become a portrait powerhouse, the portfolio is impressive.

Thanks so much Andy re:the Spartan exec.sorry for the late response, computers sheesh !!!

Thank You for your support, I will continue to practice and keep drawing. I LOVE YOUR PORTRAITS!!! I look forward to the next one.

Thanks Andy... Could have used more grays maybe for a more realistic look but I love seeing the colors that reflect in snow, so... Thanks for the encouragement! :)

Thank you Andy for your nice comment on my Portrait of a Man and Cosmic background. :) Yes, he loved it!

Thanks Andy for your words on Randee. When we set up the shot we did it with the old pin-ups in mind.

Thank you Andy! I'll look her up asap!

Thanks Andy, for your comments on Dad 2016. I enjoy seeing your work, especially the musicians! Great work!

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