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Comments from Other Artists


Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate it:)))

Thank you for your compliments on my Granddaughter piece! I honestly until now didn't notice my huge mistake!! :-/ The perspective is way off! Well, really, it doesn't exist! Pretty goofy mountain range! Totally huge trees in comparison! Wow, you know I shouldn't even put my goofy art up here.... it's not a pity me party, just truthful!

Thank you for the tips and encouragement on the "Idris-2 in color" portrait.

Thank you, my friend! The water and sand is not done yet, i hope i'll get it right, it's not easy...

Thank you for your comments

Thanks so much for the comments Andy, you are far too kind!

Thanks Andy, there were many challenges indeed on my train all of which I enjoyed tackling. Sometimes I find the tougher the subject the greater the response. I have spent days at times working in a square inch area... but I also like that kind of stuff... thanks again Andy.

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