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Comments from Other Artists


Hi Zoe! The main thing people get wrong with graphite is that they don't make their shadows dark enough and the drawings look wishy washy. Use a 2B and 4B to get those jet black shadows dark enough. For blending you can get fancy brushes and tortillons (google it!) but I mainly use my fingers! It's more fun, just make sure you wash your hands regularly to keep them grease free!

You ARE an artist already, you mean you want to become better lol. I mainly use soft core premier pencils. I tried the Verithin range but wasn't taken by them. I have a helix desktop sharpener that gives a needle-like point which does the job for details. I mainly use Bristol Board as it has a smooth finish but will take a lot of layers of pencil on it. Sometimes I add a layer of workable fixative if the tooth of the paper is exhausted and I want to add more layers!

Thank you, but I think you are better than I was at your age. Maybe put the Prisma portrait set on your Christmas/birthday list then - that has lots of pinks, yellows and browns that will make the job easier. Don't forget, trying to draw a face is one of the hardest things you can do. Everyone has a different one and you're trying to make it recognisable with just a few lines on a page. Practise a lot, learn new techniques to help you and don't worry if it doesn't work out first time!

Firstly, make sure you stay safe online and always message in public space on here, as you have been doing. Lips are tricky because often you are going from almost black to almost white over a curved surface in a very short distance. Try and make your pencil lines follow the direction of the tiny lines on the surface of the skin as this will add texture. I use Clay rose and Rosy beige a lot, but it depends on the subject. Build the colours up in thin layers to gradually get the one you see.

You're welcome! I think you'll find lots of artists on here are quite generous with their advice and help. Your leaf drawing is very good - you have used different layers to create the colours in it and it is just the same with skin tones.

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